At our website you can get acquainted with lots of amazing peculiarities of hovercrafts, their applying, differences from the traditional land and water vehicles and also will be able to purchase a hovercraft for yourself

Hovart F50

Hovart "Tornado F50"

Hovercraft – is an air cushion vehicle that is capable to move over the water surface. Air that is blowed byt the engine is used both for the movement and for the lifting up of the hull over the water, grass, snow, ground and other types of surface. A flexible enclosure (“skirt”) along the hull perimeter is filled with air flow and makes the pillow. Actually, during the hovercraft movement, only the lowest segments of skirt touch the ground. Air cushion vehicle is being valued due to its amphibian characteristics, thanks to which it can be used in almost any kind of purpose:

- for hunting and fishing in swamped and hard-to-reach places

- for entertaining at sea-, lake-, river-shore

- for rescue operations during floods or avalanching

Driving a hovercraft is very much alike controlling of a big air bubble. Wheel turnings, body inclinations, gas, wind blows – everything has its influence on the hovercraft behavior, making it unpredictably amazing. Hovercraft racings are enjoyed by thousands of enthusiasts all over the world!

Our aim – is to make an accessible vehicle out of hovercrafts and also a cheap kind of entertainment in our country!

Hovercraft “Hovart”

Our company produces hovercrafts under its own brand name "Hovart". To learn more about two-seat hovercraft Hovart "Tornado F50" you can on this page.

Buy a hovercraft

We supply hovercrafts not only in Ukraine but also in CIS countries and Europe. In Russia there is our official representative, that carries out sales and service. To purchase a hovercraft, please, contact our managers or regional dealers, their coordinates can be found on the contact page

Frequently Asked Questions about Hovercrafts (FAQ):

Q: Which documents are needed to have the right to drive a hovercraft?

A: In accordance with Ukrainian laws you will need to register a hovercraft, as a motor boat with a power of engine up to 75 h/p. Also you will need to have a license for driving the corresponding water vehicle.

Q: What kinds of protection equipment should be used while driving a hovercraft?

A: If you are driving a hovercraft over the water at a high speed, or intensively maneuvering, you will be surely wet because of splashes. Therefore, you will need special clothes that tightly cover your body and do not transmit water, for example, dry suit. Your shoes should provide good adhesion and steadiness on the bottom of the craft. Eyes are desired to be covered with glasses, ears – with anti-noise means of protection (ear plugs).

Q: Is it hard to learn how to drive a hovercraft?

A: It depends… If you understand quickly the specifics of driving this unusual vehicle, in the future you will not stuck up with any difficulty. The main thing is to understand that a hovercraft cannot immediately react on the commands of the pilot, you should foresee situation, when driving, several seconds ahead. Driving a hovercraft is much alike driving the airplane. No brake, no way to turn aside immediately, the most problem while driving is a wind. The quickest way to slow down fast is to turn back immediately 180o backwards and “full gas”.

Q: Is it dangerous to drive a hovercraft?

A: Like any vehicle, a hovercraft is dangerous to the certain extend. The most interesting feature when driving consists in the fact that it is prohibited to drop gas down at a great speed. A hovercraft can be operated until the propeller is working. If you drop down gas suddenly and propeller stops to blow air into the pillow, a hovercraft suddenly flops with its bottom onto the ground, ice or water. As a result, the friction force increases fast and a sudden stop occurs. You continue to take pleasure from a great speed with an only difference that you fly in the air. Exactly because of this reason, we do not place a windscreen onto our hovercrafts. In order not to become a danger for other people and not to cause a material damage, always pay attention on what is situated behind the craft. An air flow can blow away small objects.

Q: Is a hovercraft capable to sink or roll over?

A: As it was mentioned, a propeller carries a twice functionality. A part of its power goes for lifting the craft up and the rest of the power – for movement. An air inlet is situated behind propeller and directs a part of the air flow under the bottom of the hovercraft and puffs up the pillow. A hovercraft has an inbuilt buoyancy more than 250 liters, therefore with a turned off engine, it just stays on the water surface. When you turn on the engine and inject gas, first of all it will lift up and then move forward. You can roll over a hovercraft, but it is difficult.

Q: Tell, please, in details about driving a hovercraft.

A: Hovercrafts control is made traditionally with a use of the wheel and also tilting your body aside. Operating with a help of the wheel, you should remember that dropping down gas, a hovercraft becomes uncontrolled. Operating a hovercraft with tilts of your body is very much similar to driving a cycle. Because of the low weight of a hovercraft, professional pilots can also raise it over the big waves or other barriers, pulling the wheel to themselves. If you manually change the angle of pitch of propeller blades, you will be able to change your priorities – speed or fast getting over the hump and maneuverability.

Q: For how long is fuel enough in a fuel tank?

A: It depends on the intensity of driving. If you prefer extreme, the fuel will be over in an hour. If you need to cover a long distance, then at a cruising speed with an additional fuel tank you will be able to cover more than one hundred of kilometers.

Q: How often is it needed to change the “skirt”? Is it easy to damage it?

A: It is difficult to say univocal. It depends on the type of surface and intensity of driving your hovercraft. Generally you will need to change it after a year – year and a half. it is difficult to damage segments, but, as practice shows, it happens rather often on the first stages of hovercraft exploitation. It is not a big problem, because even having 4-5 broken segments, a hovercraft does not lose its controllability. Segments can be sewn easily and fast with a use of a needle and strong thread.

Q: How often is it needed to repair engine?

A: Engines of our hovercrafts were specially designed and produced by the leading European manufacturers for such kinds of vehicles and also snowmobiles, blowmobiles, spiders. You should carry out diagnostics and a first review after 300 hours of exploitation. Capital repair – with wear and tear.

Q: How does the warranty and post warranty service of the hovercraft is carried out?

A: We are actively spreading the quantity of our service representatives on the territory of Ukraine. Coordinates of the existing representatives you can find on the webpage Contacts. In the nearest future our service facilities will be in every big city.

Q: How can I transport a hovercraft?

A: On a trailer of a tip-up type. You can drive onto and off the trailer on the hovercraft itself. As a last resort, two men can lift it up, having taken it by the handholds at every side and carry it.

Q: The engine “roars” loudly, doesn’t it?

A: Yes, pretty enough, but the noise does not provide discomfort. On the other hand, all the neighborhood will know the “presentability” of your hovercraft.

Q: I am not satisfied with your standard furnishing of the hovercraft. Is your company able to produce a hovercraft, taking into consideration all of my wishings?

A: No problem. The most important thing for us – is to make you pleased with your purchase. The greatest advantage of the hovercraft is its multi-functionality. You can use for great velocity (ascetism, maximum light design) and also for comfortable journeys (convenient seat, engine protection, headlamp, fuel consumption counter etc.). We will consider all of your desires with an individual approach to everybody!


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