Hovercraft Tornado F50 – is an innovational model of the hovercraft for the domestic shipbuilding. This hovercraft was developed and created by company Artel LTD, a leader in the field of Ukrainian CNC machinery manufacturing. In the process of its creation we used the experience and achievements in this field of market of the top companies in the world.

hovercraft tornado-F50

Hovercraft "Tornado F50" Construction

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Tornado F50 – is a two-seat air cushion vehicle, constructed with the best exploitation characteristics. Design, ergonomics, hull were analyzed and modernized for years, basing on the experience of many customers. In the hull construction, buoyancy tanks with volume 250 liters are foreseen, that makes a hovercraft unsinkable. F50 can "hover" at a speed up to 100 km/h. By the way there is no need in a specially separated track. For sure, this will hit fancy of velocity and extreme fans. Maneuverability, all-terrain utilization and versatility are the necessary attributes of the vehicle for rescue missions at water or land.

Simple and ascetic construction, amazing lightness, durability and reliability of the hull, engine power that allow to produce incredible speed on different kinds of surface – this and many other things will arise frantic emotions, when driving a "flying boat" Tornado F50.

Hovecraft Technical Data
type В
Hovercraft dimensions
3m х 1.8m х 1.5m
Thrust duct diameter
0,85 m
Propeller diameter
0.91 m
Overcome barrier height
0,15 m
Inbuilt buoyancy
250 l
Wave height
up to 0.4 m
Fuel tank volume
12 l.
Cruising range
up to 100 km/h
Noise 75dB
Passengers quantity
2 people
Hovercraft weight
150 kg
Weight of luggage
up to 200 kg
Hull material
Propeller material
plastic ABS
Flexible fence ("skirt") material
armored nylon
at your choice

Hovercraft Tornado F50 is manufactured in two modifications ( R ) and ( I ). Compared technical characteristics and complectation are shown in the table:



Tornado F50 ( R )

Tornado F50 ( I )


РМЗ – 500 (Russia)

Victor 1 Super (Italy)

Engine power

52 h/p

54 h/p

Fuel consumption

10-15 l/h

8-10 l/h

Hovercraft thrust















Optional equipment for hovercraft "Tornado":

  • Trailer
  • Headlight(s)
  • Blocks for additional buoyancy
  • Oars with fixation system
  • Additional / of a bigger capacity fuel tank
  • Control panel
  • Anchor

Tornado F50 ( R ) will be interesting for businessmen that specialize in leasing out different kinds of the entertaining techniques at the shores of basins and in the places of mass recreation. Not a big price of this hovercraft modification, maximum safety and reliability make it a best choice for such purposes.

Tornado F50 ( I ) will not make indifferent people, who have a passion for extreme, hunting, fishing, that plan to use such hovercraft in personal needs. This can be, for example, a short time driving at a big speed in the open areas and also long-time comfortable trips of two people.


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